Blue Ivy

Some of Her Story

On January 7. 2012, Blue Ivy Carter was added to our world.  Since then, there has been much chatter and high expectations for this little beauty and she will always measure up because she does not have too.  In her own starlight, she has won a Grammy and Singer Credit for her collaboration with her Celebrity Mom Beyonce, in the Brown Skin Girl Video, an NAACP Award and we can not leave out the BET Her Award that she took home to put on the Blue Ivy Pedestal that is likely assembled some place in the massive little princess castle sitting on Real Estate owned by Celebrity Parents Jay-Z and Beyonce.  All we know is there is more to come besides new fashion from her clothing line Ivy Park.  

The Articles

Floating In her own Space Blue Ivy makes modeling look really easy.  The comparisons are inevitable when you have a superstar Mom as a parent but somehow Blue is finding her own lane and she seems very comfortable.  We can not say if she is being prepped for commercials which do not include the Ivy Park Brand, but it sure would be nice to see her thrive in her own light.

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