Granny Baby Bonnets was created with Moms and babies in mind and the concept has a lot to do with being connected to my own Legacy which began with my preemature birth and some of the precious memories I have of my own Granny. I was born early, yes I was a premature baby so my journey here on earth began in my 7th month.

Once I was born it was tramitizing for my Daddy and Mum because I was not healthy enough to go home immediately. In fact, I remained hospitalized and incubated for over a month before I was allowed to go home since I was underweight, weighing in at only 3lbs. 3.5 ounces. Creating Granny Baby Bonnets is an idea that happened after my Granddaughter Natalie was born. She has a bad habit of pulling her hair which she did not steal because Daddy Dearest use to pull his hair out when he was a baby too.

Since my Daughter In Law Chanelle loves wearing hair bonnets vs scarfs, my Son Rodell decided to create a Baby Bonnet for Natalie, his baby girl and came up with the idea of creating our Granny Baby Brand. We decided to use Granny Baby as the name because it is what my cousins and I always called our Grandma. The time I spenpt with her was very brief if you compare it to my lifettime but it was precious. She would sing us Take Me Out To The Ball Game so our tag line "That's A Baby" comes from a song I wrote which was really a chant I repeated trying to calm and soothe my own Granddaughter. That's how our Granny Baby Brand was born.

We decided to offer baby bonnets for premature babies since I was a premature baby and I remember how my Daddy and Mum said that it was always so hard to find certain things to fit me and how they could hold me in the palm of one hand.

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